Rock Chucker™ Belts – When There’s No Time for Downtime


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      Construction Job Site

      When construction job sites have large amounts of material to move they often use truck mounted rotating conveyors, or "slingers", which offer rapid and precise placement of material. These dump truck mounted conveyors move tons of material in minutes, without using bobcats, excavators, loaders, or other more labor and time intensive equipment. Many of the conveyors are articulting, with a working radius of 220 degrees, up to 9 feet in elevation, and levels of 3000 to 3500 RPM.

      Rock Chucker™ belts from Apache are fully molded, chevron cleated belts designed for “placing” product in confined or hard-to-reach areas. Also commonly referred to as "slinger" belts, these versatile 2-ply belts are an excellent choice for throwing rock, sand, mulch, dirt, and other bulk materials. Rock Chucker belts are vulcanized endless to withstand the stress of high speeds and small pulley diameters.

      Rock Chucker Pattern & Rock Chucker Belt in Action

      When a project is started it has to remain on schedule. With all the demands placed on equipment, component parts have to be quality-built for tough work — Apache’s Rock Chucker™ belts are designed for the task.

      Popular applications include:

      • Basement/foundation jobs
      • Residential and commercial construction
      • Landscaping maintenance and construction
      • Driveway, sidewalk, and curb construction
      • Trenching for public utilities

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