Durowall Sidewall—Built Steel Tough


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      Steel is the most recycled material in the world with more than 80 million tons recycled each year in North America alone! In fact, steel is recycled more than paper, plastic, glass, copper and aluminum combined – and all steel is fully recyclable. For every ton recycled 2,500 lbs. of iron ore, 1,400 lbs. of coal, and 120 lbs. of limestone are conserved. The steel industry directly and indirectly supports more than 1 million jobs in the United States making it essential to economic security.

      Apache’s Durowall™ Sidewall Belting is built to the highest standards to support the steel industry. Our cross rigid base belt, corrugated sidewall, and cleats are perfectly suited to stand up to the demanding applications of steel production and recycling. Our belts are proven, reliable, and operating in most major steel mills in North America.

      Durowall Sidewall in Steel Mill

      Cross Rigid Base Belt

      Durowall’s cross rigid belting is specifically designed to provide lateral stiffness and eliminate belt bowing and cupping at directional change points on the conveyor. This feature also helps to reduce belt sag on the return run. Although the belt is rigid in the transverse direction, it remains flexible in the longitudinal direction. This unique design allows the belt to operate on standard pulleys and flat carrying idlers, yet doesn’t interfere with the conveyor structure.

      Our Durowall cross rigid belting is produced in the United States and made exclusively for Apache by Fenner Dunlop, one of the world's largest manufacturers of rubber conveyor belting.

      Corrugated Sidewall

      Durowall corrugated sidewalls are made of high tensile natural rubber, which provides excellent flexibility and abrasion resistance. Our sidewall is fabric reinforced to provide additional strength and tear resistance.


      Durowall’s single piece S-cleat is designed for steep inclines and high tonnage applications. Our cleat contains a double layer of fabric reinforcement for added strength. The rubber compound has a higher durometer than the corrugated sidewall and belt cover, allowing the cleat to maintain its shape and integrity when transporting heavy material; particularly in vertical/90 degree inclines.

      Contact Apache’s Durowall Division for your steep angle belting needs.


      • By Andrew Weisenstine, Product Specialist - Durowall & Fabricated Rubber

        May 21, 2014