Flood Cleanup


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      Flooded street

      Sometimes flooding is anticipated in areas, other times flash flooding occurs unexpectedly. When these events strike you need safe, quality products that won’t fall short during cleanup efforts.

      Whether its flood season or hurricane season, the need for preventative and cleanup products is instant, and Apache has products ready for immediate shipment.

      Pump with suction and discharge hoses Pump with suction and discharge hoses

      Suction & Discharge Hose

      Pressure Washer Hose & Accessories

      • Bulk hose and assemblies
        • Green PVC suction
        • Clear PVC suction
        • Rubber suction and discharge
        • Layflat discharge — blue, brown, black
      • Transfer pump hose kits — includes hose assemblies and accessories to connect to pump as well as filter water
        • Water transfer kits
        • Trash transfer kits
      • Assemblies
      • Accessories
        • Gun and gun kits up to 4000 PSI
        • Turbo nozzles and spray tips
        • Wands and brushes
        • Adapters and quick disconnects
        • Chemical cleaners, including ready-to-use and super concentrate 1:5

      Taking appropriate safety measures are key during flood cleanup. Here are a few basic tips:

      • Use safety and protective equipment such as watertight boots, waterproof cut-resistant gloves, and safety goggles
      • Head and hearing protection may be necessary in some cleanup situations
      • Flood waters can contain various contaminates, so try to avoid direct contact with the dirty water
      • Be alert for chemically contaminated floodwater at industrial sites

       NOAA River Levels
      NOAA River Conditions

      Additional safety resources and guidelines are available online at: