Case Study — Large Distribution Center


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      Large Distribution CenterLead Time Problem

      When a large distribution facility needs a new conveyor belt, it can take two to four weeks of lead time before their order arrives from the original equipment manufacturer. This extended lead time not only makes it difficult for facility managers to plan scheduled replacements, it requires more inventory, and it puts their facility in jeopardy of costly downtime after unexpected belt failures.

      On-Time Solution

      Imagine having your own custom-fabricated conveyor belt shop with all of the correct inventory to build the belt you need, when you need it. That’s exactly what Apache is able to provide to distribution facilities nationwide through their network of belt distributors. So instead of having to wait two to four weeks to receive a conveyor belt, facilities receive OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) equivalent belts in as little as five to seven days.

      Integrated Ordering System

      Apache surveyed, researched and identified the distribution company’s most critical and standard recurring belt configurations. The result is a list of almost 1,000 unique belts. Apache uploaded all of the belts and custom fabrication details into their system, identified by OEM and customer internal part numbers. Apache can now provide complete belts from any of their belt shops nationally, ordered by an internal part number directly through the customer's ordering system.

      "Their conveyor belt ordering system talks to our system to help keep our distribution running like clockwork." ~ Distribution Center Facility Manager

      Save Time & Money

      Package Handling -- Distribution CenterThe customized and personalized service from Apache saves fulfillment and distribution centers substantial time and money, and helps them deliver products to customers quickly and efficiently. Apache provides emergency breakdown support 24/7, with same day service in many cases.

      Key Points:

      • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) ordering available
      • Custom belt, OEM, and customer part number configurations are saved in the system to expedite ordering
      • Shorter lead time than OEM delivery, most custom fabricated belt orders arrive in 5 to 7 days
      • 24/7 service and support, same day service available for emergency breakdowns
      • All Apache belts are made with the same materials and to the same specifications as OEM belts

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