Product Profile — Infinity Belt Scraper


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      Carryback Problem

      Carryback of material that binds to belts results in product loss, extra labor costs, and unscheduled downtime in operations that use conveyor systems. Brush cleaning systems just don't do the job, and the bristles tend to close with material — often causing damage to belts they are attempting to clean.

      Permanent Solution

      The Infinity Belt Scraper features single or dual rows of hard durometer urethane fingers that clean the surface of conveyor belts with a patented “flicking” motion. The first set of fingers removes the bulk of material from the underside of the conveyor. The second set of fingers on the dual row scraper combs through grooves in the belt to finish the cleaning job. The pre-cleaned conveyor belt surface comes back around ready to work.

      Single Row Infinity Scraper in ActionMultiple Belt Types

      The Belt Scraper works well with both flat and profiled conveyor belts. It is specifically designed for use on chevron and textured belting, with or without mechanical fasteners. It auto-aligns to the belt and adapts to changing belt conditions. The Belt Scraper is self-tensioning — it doesn’t require springs or weights to maintain pressure on the underside of the belt. There are no pinch points.

      Flexible Positioning

      While other scrapers can only be mounted in a certain position at the head or discharge pulley, the Belt Scraper can be mounted anywhere on the return side of the conveyor system. The single row scraper is ideal for restricted space installations.

      Easy Maintenance

      The fingers are easy to view and access for quick maintenance and cleanup. The system can be inspected from the ground without the need for lifts or stopping the conveyor. Our patented finger combs are easier to install and replace than on other scraper types on the market.

      Dual Row Scraper in Action

      Pays for Itself

      Save thousands of dollars per year on each conveyor in your operation when you use the Infinity belt Scraper.

      • Reduce loss of material by up to 80 percent
      • Avoid extra labor costs for cleanup and housekeeping
      • Maintain belt tracking and increase belt life
      • Decrease downtime in your conveying operation

      Multiple Industries

      Contact us today, we'll work with you to calculate the potential cost savings in your specific application.