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Apache Retail Packaging

With Apache, a single PO can cover multiple product lines, helping reduce overhead and paperwork. As your single-source supplier, Apache will save you time, money, and energy.


Display CollageIt takes more than great products to get your customers’ attention. Our full, go-to-market retail program engages your customers and increases your sales. Together, we’ll increase your sales velocity, grow the return on your investment and move your business forward.

Plan-O-Gram for Success

To get the most out of every square foot of your selling space, we offer plan-o-grams in various configurations for each of our product lines. Our displays are easy to set — and easy for customers to understand. Displays include the following product categories: Of course, we understand that retailers have unique needs and there are times when standard displays may not be the perfect solution. No problem. We'll work with you to develop a customized plan-o-gram that fits your sales floor, and your goals for product turns and profitability.

Attract & Inform

Apache also offers point-of-sale materials to help quickly guide shoppers to the right products during the process. These include:

Tap into Apache Support

From outside sales to inside customer service, your Apache team is here for you. We make adding new products easy with detailed product worksheets, and we'll even fill out your new product templates for you. Need training? We can provide that too:

Your retail customers come to you for solutions. They have projects to do. Repairs to make. Work to get done. Their time is valuable. They don’t want to run from store to store searching for what they need. And they sure don’t want to spend their time returning the wrong items or ones that fail.

Apache is your single-source supplier of OEM-grade:

We're a global solutions provider based in the heart of the Midwest — always on the lookout for smarter, stronger, tougher products that are made to last.

Discover Broad Channel Expertise

Whether you're a national chain serving specialty markets or a local/regional store offering a little bit of everything, Apache brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping our retailers deliver the right product mix to their customers across a variety of categories:
  • Hardware
  • Agricultural
  • Industrial
  • Do It Yourself
  • Automotive Aftermarket
  • Lawn & Garden
  • Power Equipment

Industry Categories

We closely monitor industry developments, and identify growth areas while keeping a watchful eye on the competitive landscape. Keeping on top of current pricing trends through our extensive database. We understand the importance of getting the maximum revenue out of every square foot of floor space.

No other company sells across all channels that Apache does. Our diverse product line means you'll have what your customers need when they need it.

Designed to Perform

Regardless of whether those products come from across the street or halfway around the world, no product earns the right to be called Apache until it’s been tested to ensure it meets our rigorous quality standards as well as the toughest standards of all — your customers’:
  • Burst tests
  • Tension checks
  • Industry certifications
We pride ourselves on meeting your needs and doing a job well done, it’s for these reasons and more that Apache can claim some of the lowest return rates in the industry. And that means more profit, and less headache, for you.

Redefining the Apache Brand

Apache has always been at the leading edge of retail packaging design, from innovative ways to display products to often-imitated color-coding systems. We continue to set the pace with a vibrant new shelf presence:
  • Big bold type for ease of shopping
  • Strong color choices to differentiate brands
  • Adaptable design for all sized packages
  • Cohesive look across product lines
  • Continued color-coding for complex lines

Consumer Products Packaging