Hydraulics 101: From Adapters to P.O.P


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      Hydraulics are used around us every day, but most people are somewhat unaware of all the places they are used, or how they work.

      A hydraulic hose is engineered to transfer hydraulic fluid through the components of a hydraulic system, such as valves, tools, and actuators. Specific adapters are used to ensure the hoses are connected correctly between these components, and ensuring the correct parts are selected is key to safe use. Hydraulic systems can operate from a low to a very high PSI, or pressure rating, depending what it is being used on. Applications can range from a log splitter or a piece of farm equipment, to a skid loader or an excavator on a construction site.

      Whatever your use, Apache has you covered, from hydraulic hose to adapter products for your application — industrial, agricultural, or home equipment from a retailer.

      Our pre-made hydraulic assemblies and adapters are available from retailers across the United States and Canada. Here are some great resources to help you better understand how to ensure correct product selection from retailer locations.

      Hydraulic Terminology

      Understanding the general terminology for hydraulic hose assemblies and adapters is a great starting point to developing a broader understanding of the products, as well as how our retail display works.


      Hydraulic Adapters

      Knowing the basics of hydraulic adapters and how they connect will help our retailers and customers choose the correct size and style of adapter needed for their application.



      Apache Hydraulic Point-of-Purchase (P.O.P) Materials

      There are some basic details in understanding how hydraulic systems work, which will help you understand how our color-coded store set is designed to help ensure the correct product is selected. Retailers with our products are provided a full set of display point-of-purchase materials that work with our packaging, providing a "map" to assist store associates and customers in choosing the right hose assemblies or adapters they need.

      If you have additional questions about Apache hydraulics - where to find them, or what you need, please contact us.

      While Apache product information is available online, they are available solely through our distribution and OEM partners. If you find an item online that you’re looking for, contact us and we'll direct you to a distributor, dealer, or retailer that carries the Apache product you need.