Volta Belting


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      Tough, versatile, and easy to maintain.

      Volta's unique product provides solutions for your unique applications. As the only Volta provider in the United States to sell through distribution, Apache keeps you mission critical to your customers.

      Volta Belting logoThe homogeneous no-ply construction of Volta belting eliminates the need to have edge capping and its non-absorbent material makes the belts bacteria-resistant and impenetrable by most chemicals. These advantages create a belt that performs well in a variety of food processing and general conveying environments.

      Volta belting options from Apache include food, positive drive, general conveying, V and Round (VAR), and Haul-off solutions.

      Volta Food Belts

      The food and beverage industry’s needs are broad and its requirements are stringent. For such challenging needs, Apache recommends the Volta homogeneous product line. These belts perform well in a variety of food processing environments. Cheese, poultry, meat, fish, seafood, fruits and vegetables, chocolates, snacks, potatoes, nuts, and bakery facilities are all great places for recommending this product. Volta belting is available in blue or cream, is FDA/USDA approved, and also 3A Dairy certified.

      Some of the most popular applications include:

      • • Dicing equipment
      • • De-boning operations
      • • Dough return conveyors
      • • Dump and pack tables
      • • Inspection lines
      • • Knife edge transfer lines
      • • Lettuce washing machine
      • • Metal detectors
      • • Optical scanners
      • • Press machines
      • • Slicing/filleting applications
      • • Vegetable washing lines

      • Fruit Packaging
      • Shredded Cheese Volta
      • Volta Poultry Line

      Volta Positive Drive

      Volta positive drive belts are manufactured with materials resistant to cuts and abrasion, thus eliminating places where bacteria can harbor and grow. This makes for easy and efficient cleaning, meaning you save on labor costs and production downtime.

      • Extruded, integral teeth prevent slippage of belt
      • Smooth homogeneous surface for low bacteria counts, longer shelf life, and odor resistance
      • High flexibility extends operating life
      • Non-sticking smooth or impression top for easy product release

      Volta DualDrive PulleyVolta DualDriveDualDrive

      • Replaces modular belts with minimal retrofit
      • No seams, belt extruded in 100' straight lengths
      • May be used as cleats when teeth face up

      Volta DualDrive SP PulleyVolta DualDrive Small PulleyDualDrive SP (Small Pulley)

      • Provides tight transfer of product between conveyors
      • Requires lighter conveyor construction

      Volta SuperDrive PulleyVolta SuperDriveSuperDrive™ Pulley

      • Utilized primarily on newer OEM equipment
      • One solid lug in center of the conveyor

      Volta General Conveying Belts

      From soft belts with high grip, to hard surfaces that resist cutting, punctures and abrasion Volta’s general conveying belts offer the same unique homogenous characteristics as the food grade belting. This product line offers a wide range of belts designed to meet some of the most demanding requirements and challenging applications in the field.

      • Do not absorb industrial oils, fluids, or chemicals
      • Low coefficient of friction for slider bed applications
      • Harder durometer covers available for more abrasion resistance
      • Excellent impact absorption from falling/dropping products
      • Highly resistant to cuts and impact punctures
      • Easily welded while on the conveyor, reducing production downtime

      Commonly used in these applications:

      • • Plastic manufacturing
      • Printing
      • • Fabric production
      • • Glass manufacturing

      • Brick Manufacturing
      • Volta Shingle Line Production
      • Volta General Conveying

      Volta V & Round Profiles

      Apache offers a wide range of Volta extruded profiles in both V and Round cross sections. This thermoplastic belting option comes in a variety of colors and durometers. They also include the ability to be reinforced, or to come with a molded grip top cover.

      Additionally, Apache can custom cover the Vs with an assortment of compounds, including:

      • • Gum rubber
      • • Linatex®
      • • Nitrile
      • • Sponge

      Some of the most popular applications include:

      • Volta V and Round Profiles
      • Volta V and Round in Cheese Production
      • Volta Round Belt in Marble Production

      Volta Haul-off Belts

      Haul-off belts, also known as puller belts, are pulley driven belts that run parellel to each other and exert pressure to product sitting between the belts. These belts work in pairs to grip and haul product through the machine, and can be custom made with covers specifically suited to the product being hauled/conveyed.

      Volta's haul-off belts can handle material for printing, labeling, and packaging, and are ideal for rolling shaped profiles like tubes and rods. They can be produced with either a flat or poly-v base, depending on customer requirements.

      Haul-Off Poly-V Belt Illustration
      1. Polyurethane Homogeneous Coated Cover
        • Shore hardness: 72A
        • High abrasion resistance
        • Excellent grip properties
        • Excellent chemical resistance
      2. Polyester Cord Reinforcement
        • Tensile strenth up to 670 kg/cm belt width
        • Haul-Off Flat Belt IllustrationTruly endless for no weak points
      3. Polyurethane Bottom Cover
        • Shore hardness: 80A
        • Available with flat or poly-v textures

      Some of the most popular applications include:

      • • Cable/wire pulling
      • • Hose/tubing/rod manufacturing
      • • Cable/wire production
      • • Deboning in beef and pork industry
      • • Sorting in lumber industry
      • • Orient product for packaging/labeling

      • Haul-Off Belt Illustration
      • Volta Haul-Off Belt in Action