Building Materials Manufacturing


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      Each manufacturer has unique needs, but every one depends on durable belting and hoses to keep production running smoothly. That’s why the solutions we sell are designed to keep you building.


      The building materials manufacturing industry needs belting to stand up to the high demands of building material production — from the rooftop to the floor. That’s why we offer a wide range of solutions, in nearly any belt configuration to satisfy every application.

      Additionally Apache technicians can build a customer solution from any compound — rubber, PVC, urethane.

      Custom solutions include:

      Wide variety of belting opportunities in building materials manufacturing, include:

      • Countertop production
      • Hardware production — from bolts and brackets, to light switches and door locks
      • Insulation production
      • Laminate, siding, & shutter production
      • Shingle production
      • Tile, stone, & paver production
      • Wood & cabinetry processing and production

      Whether it's bulk commodity hose moving abrasive shingle components from trailer to silo, or ducting hose that quickly clears sawdust from the air, Apache has the hose types and sizes to get the job done. As a NAHAD memeber, we adhere to association guidelines to ensure safe, higher-quality hose assemblies.

      Hot Air Blower & Bulk Material Handling Hoses

      Apache's hot air blower hose features an EPDM tube rated for temperatures up to 350°F. The bulk material handling hose is great when abrasion resistance and static dissipation are needed.

      Wire Helix Ducting & Clear Urethane Hoses

      These two hoses share common uses of all-purpose ducting, light dust handling, and fume mitigation. Clear urethane hoses also transport plastic pellets for vinyl product manufacturing and fill bags of cellulose or blown-in fiberglass.

      Chemical Hoses

      From the acid cement plants use to clean forms and equipment, to transporting interior latex paint, Apache's chemical hoses are designed to withstand abusive chemicals.

      Hydraulic Hoses

      Almost every conceivable manufacturing facility uses hydraulic hoses as part of their daily oprations. They are commonly used as the driving force for molds and presses.

      Rubber Water & Air Hoses

      Our industrial grade water hose assemblies are great for masonry production or general washdown/cleanup. Apache air hoses are commonly used to power pneumatic nailers and staplers, or for blowing dust from products/equipment.

      Apache stocks a wide variety of products to address ozone/weather, chemical, and oil resistance needed in the construction materials manufacturing industry. Common parts include:

      • Rings/Washers
      • Cut Pads
      • Sound Strips
      • Bumpers
      • Grommets
      • Vibration Mounts
      • Seals
      • Flanges
      • Special Transition Corners
      • Cut and Molded Rubber Samples