Constantly Connected — 24/7 Access to Your Apache Customer Account


      Constantly connected — get 24/7 online access to your Apache customer account.... Click it. Track it. Get it. »

      The saying “time is money” goes back to Benjamin Franklin, and while that may have been in the 1700s, the logic applies now more than ever. When our customers need answers and updates, we want them available as soon as possible — because you don’t have time to wait, and neither do your customers. Click it. Track it. Get it.

      Request a Login for Your Account

      To get immediate information and answers in the hands of our customers, Apache has introduced a number of new tools that provide 24/7 online access to our customers.

      Existing customers can easily request and setup a web login to their account, as well as add additional user logins with view only or order placement access.

      Place Your Order Online

      Once a customer account is created, they can log in and shop products on the Apache website, with access to order placement for standard products.

      Full product details are available on items listed, and many of our products can be priced and ordered online. Images, product spec sheets, and key information is also available.

      Check Order Status & Shipping Info

      In addition to product information, you can also access order status information anytime you need it:

      • Order history going back two full years
      • Search by your PO or date
      • Track your shipments and deliveries
      • Reprint packing lists

      As always, if you want a person to talk to, give us a call. Our goal is to give our customers the options they want to reach out to us. We’re a little rusty on our Morse code, but we’re committed to unparalleled service for our customers — via web, phone, email, or fax.

      Our customer service, nationwide sales team, and technical product experts are here to get you what you need, when you need it.

      While Apache product information is available online, they are available solely through our distribution and OEM partners. If you find an item online that you’re looking for, contact us at 800.553.5455 and we can direct you to a distributor, dealer, or retailer that carries the Apache product you need.