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Whether your application calls for lightweight belting, heavy-duty belting, or custom belting, Apache offers versatile, strong, and hardworking belt products designed to excel in demanding applications. Our experienced technicians will build the solution from any compound, from rubber to PVC or urethane — and in any configuration.

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Belting Accessories

Belting is just the beginning. We also provide belting accessory solutions to help you minimize downtime. From belt lacing specific to your industry regulations, to splicing technologies that minimize costly replacement processes — Apache is your partner in productivity.


Our products perform under pressure — so do we. Our technicians are trained to NAHAD guidelines and follow vendor-certified processes, and our production facilities maintain ISO certification. This allows us to consistently deliver the highest quality hoses customized to your specific application.

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Hose Accessories

Product expertise and technical knowledge set us apart, allowing us to deliver robust hose programs for our customers. Apache provides a complete line of hose accessories in the agricultural, consumer, and industrial, getting our customers the top quality products they need.

Cut & Molded Products

Engineering and product experts from Apache turns ideas into solutions, developing high-quality, cost-effective, cut and molded parts. Our locations stock a wide variety of standard and specialty materials and compounds, and we fabricate all types, sizes, and quantities of custom cut parts to your exact specifications.

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