A Healthy Serving of Fruit & Vegetable Belting


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      Food Conveyor ApplicationThe average American consumes 183 pounds of fresh vegetables and 128 pounds of fresh fruit each year. A good portion of what we consume annually is harvested right here in the States. According to the latest numbers, we produce close to 190 billion pounds of fruits and vegetables each year.

      Strawberries are a great example of the kind of produce that travel across many types of belting during its journey to the consumer. According to the California Strawberry Commission, 2.3 billion pounds of strawberries were harvested in 2014 — making them a $2.1 billion industry for California, and the 5th most preferred fruit in the United States. (Bananas, apples, oranges, grapes, and strawberries are the most popular choices, in order.)

      Fruits and vegetables require a wide variety of belting to get them from the farmer's field to food processors, as well as the shelves of our local supermarket. Apache carries them all — from flat and cleated belting for harvesting equipment to belting for sorting, washing, packaging, cutting, chopping, and even packaging. Additional applications range from stemming, washing, and dewatering, to hand sorting the fruits and vegetables.

      With USDA and FDA approved food belts in stock, Apache has the solution you need:

      • Interwoven polyester belts with PVC covers are both economical and versatile
      • RMV (rubber modified vinyl) and nitrile covers offer good oil resistance
      • Urethane covers excel for both oily and cutting applications
      • Wide range of colors, cover styles, and profiles for high gripping and incline/decline situations
      • Cleats, sidewalls, flanges, and V-guides — all with the ability to be custom welded to withstand challenging operating conditions

      Our skilled employees can fabricate belting to meet your specific needs. Capabilities include:

      • High-frequency welding for seamless bonds
      • Waterjet and high-speed knife cutting for hole punching and perforations
      • V-guide welding to bond V-guide to surface for improved belt tracking
      • Special tooling to add sponge covers or "pillows" to top covers to protect produce from bruising
        Pillow Top Conveyor Belt to prevent bruising
        This belt has "pillows" attached to a flat base belt to create a softer surface

      Contact the experts at Apache to discuss more belting options available for fruits and vegetables.