When Custom Solutions Require Custom Covers


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      Nearly everything we eat, wear, read, sit on, or ride in was at some point carried by a conveyor belt. However, not every conveyor belt is necessarily a standard flat belt. Many products need to be conveyed or handled in precise ways that require custom solutions. One such solution falls into the category we call custom covers.

      Custom Covered Products

      Custom covered belts are made to order, and customized to fit the exact specifications the application requires. These belts consist of two main components: the base belt and the covering, although some applications also call for additional modifications.

      Base Belts

      Timing Belt

      There are two general groups of base belts — standard conveyor belts and traditional power transmission belts. Standard conveyor belts can be laced, made endless, or supplied in bulk open-ended rolls. Traditional power transmission belts consist of timing belts, V-belts, and poly ribbed (Poly-V) belts. Timing belts and V-belts can be made of urethane or rubber, whereas poly ribbed belts (Poly-V) are only made of rubber.

      Custom Covers

      Apache offers custom coverings for flat belt, V-belts, and timing belts. Custom covers are highly effective in a variety of applications from vacuum systems, to orienting and pulling product down the line. They can be laminated (glued) to the base belt, or molded as a seamless belt.

      Cover materials and styles include, but are not limited to:

      • Custom Cover OptionsRed natural rubber
      • Urethane sheeting
      • White nitrile
      • Black neoprene
      • Tan gum rubber
      • Sponge or Lycra covered sponge
      • Foams: rubber, urethane


      Apache can supply a wide variety of modifications, including hole-punching and perforation patterns. Whether you have a lightweight vacuum application, or a heavy-duty application such as filtration, dewatering, or elevator service — we have the experience and technology to supply the configuration you need!

      Hole PunchingPress Punch

      Modification options include:

      • Hole punching
      • Grinding to precise thickness
      • Machining grooves/slots
      • Relief sipes
      • Rolled edges

      We specialize in small quantity, unique solutions, where no request is too small. The result? An end product with the right properties to carry or cradle product as the application requires. Contact Apache today to find the right custom covered solution to meet your needs.

      Look for these custom covered belting applications:

      • Cable manufacturers - Puller belts
      • Corrugated box plants - Exit belts
      • Extruders - Puller belts
      • Folding carton - Feeder belts
      • Filling stations - Unscramble/align plastic bottles
      • Glass industry - Carry belts
      • Package handling - Power deflectors