Biting into Belting Opportunities


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      Food Conveyor with Cookies With over 7,500 retail bakeries around the country, it is no wonder cookies are one of American’s favorite snacks. In the United States we bake and eat more cookies than any other country! Cookies make up almost $3 billion in annual sales, providing conveyor belt opportunities we can all "bite" into.

      With the aroma of fresh baked cookies on our minds, let’s talk about all the applications and opportunities for Apache’s lightweight belting. In the production process there are numerous pieces of equipment that rely on belting - indexing batter depositing lines, dividers, dough rounders, deposit moulders, dough sheeters, and cool down lines to name a few.

      Cookie Conveyor Belt Assembly Line

      A rotary moulder is a machine commonly used for producing dough pieces from short doughs. The dough is forced into the moulds, which are the negative shape of the dough pieces complete with patterns, name, type, and docker holes. The excess dough is scraped off with a knife and then the piece is extracted onto a cotton canvas belt or other fabric top belting.

      Food Conveyor Belt with CookiesOnce cookies are baked they go through cooling tunnel lines. Bakery cooling tunnel line conveyors can be found with our #3880 or #3841 belts on them.

      Apache's belt spec #3851 flipped upside down can offer a slight impression and good release to these applications as well.

      We offer a wide variety of food belting for many of these as well as other food processing applications: