Cut & Molded Application Definitions


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      • Bin Seals: Seals for lids & doors to bins/hoppers
      • Bucket Pads: Pad between bucket and belt
      • Chutes: Directs product
      • Flaps: Covers the inlet/outlets or as a material stop
      • Gaskets: Barrier between two faces/connections
      • Hopper Lining: Impact suppression to hopper body
      • Hopper Skirting: Directs product into the hopper
      • Impact Pads: Protects components from abrasion and denting
      • Packing: Rope like material for sealing shafts-valves etc.
      • Pads: Protection between two surfaces
      • Seals: Shaft seals
      • Scale Seal: Prevents water, dirt and debris from dropping into scale pit
      • Shaker Screen Protector: Isolates shaker screen from metal to metal contact
      • Skirtboard Rubber: Conveyor skirting to direct material
      • Sleeves/Boots: Directs product — flexible splice between two components
      • Spacers: Keeps components in proper position
      • Vibration Dampening: Separates rigid components and restricts vibration
      • Wear Blocks: Replaceable blocks that protect between two surfaces
      Cut Rubber Parts