Molded Rubber Parts


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      We manufacture molded parts using modern computer-controlled and monitored presses. We offer both compression and transfer molding production processes, and we can help you determine which method is best for your application.

      Compression Molding

      Compression molding is ideal for products with industrial tolerances (typically RMA Commercial-A3). This process produces less scrap material weight and the tooling typically costs less than other transfer molding. Product sizes range from very small to up to 12 feet long.

      Transfer Molding

      Transfer molding can produce tighter tolerance parts than compression molding and generally leaves less flash on the mold parting line.

       Common Molding Material Options

      • Neoprene • Isoprene (Synthetic rubber) • EPDM
      • Natural rubber • Silicone • Hypalon®
      • SBR • Nitrile (Buna-N) • Viton®

       Common Molded Rubber Parts

      • Rings/Washers • Cut Pads • Bumpers
      • Cushion/Sound Strips • Grommets • Plugs & Stoppers
      • Vibration Mounts • Bellows • Seals
      • Recycling Stars • Flanges • Blocks
      • Truck & Industrial
      • Special Transition
      • Solid/Hollow
      Molded Rubber Parts