Cut Parts


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      At Apache, our experience and fabrication capabilities have made us a market leader in the production of cut parts. Parts are processed to exact specifications using CAD files (.dxf, .dwg formats). If your files are not available, we can identify and replicate the part you need.

      Cutting Processes

      We produce our customers’ parts using one of four cutting processes: waterjet, flashcut, die-cut and hand-cut.

      Waterjet Cutting


      Waterjet cutting allows for the precision cutting of custom parts when extremely tight tolerances are critical or complicated patterns are called for. This CNC-controlled process produces parts with exceptional quality and clean cut edges without causing thermal damage. What’s more, the waterjet can be used to cut a wide range of materials and dimensions.

      Flash cutter


      Die-less knife cutting offers the precision and tight tolerances of a waterjet without the use of water. The CNC controlled flashcut operates on AutoCAD files like a waterjet, and is ideal for cutting soft and semi-rigid materials without the mess and cleanup of water cutting.



      Die-cutting results in very precise parts with tight tolerances. It can be used to produce both low- and high-volume production runs in a wide range of materials.



      Hand-cutting is the right choice for certain limited quantity, lower tolerance and prototype parts. Our craftsmen have the skill to produce prototypes and low-volume production runs from a wide variety of materials and for a range of industries.