Hose Safety Program Elements


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      Companies that conform to “Best Practice” programs realize that all safety programs and safety products are only as good as the human element responsible for using and maintaining the products used in the industrial arena. Hose can be dangerous and it is important that companies take reasonable care to educate their employees in correctly using hose in their respective work environments. To this end it is incumbent on the employer to institute the simple elements of a hose safety program to maintain safe hose operations by their work staffs.

      In an effort to provide assistance for hose safety, Apache recommends a safety program involving (but not limited to) the following key elements:

      • Hose identification system
      • Coupling identification system
      • Hose application identification program
      • Employee training program on hose care, use and maintenance
      • Root cause analysis of hose failures
      • Hazardous application hose failure action plan