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      • Case Study — Large Distribution Center

        Lead Time Problem When a large distribution facility needs a new conveyor belt, it can take two to four weeks of lead time before their order arrives from the original equipment manufacturer. This extended lead time not only makes it difficult for facility managers to plan scheduled replacements, it requires more inventory, and it puts the...  Read more »

      • Product Profile — Infinity Belt Scraper

        Carryback Problem Carryback of material that binds to belts results in product loss, extra labor costs, and unscheduled downtime in operations that use conveyor systems. Brush cleaning systems just don't do the job, and the bristles tend to close with material — often causing damage to belts they are attempting to clean. Permanent Solutio...  Read more »

      • Conveying Products at the Speed of Commerce

        Food, clothing, tools, toys, business packages – virtually any product you can think of – are items that run through distribution centers on their way to homes and businesses all around the world. Before any of these products reach a customer they must be transported from the manufacturer to a retailer or warehouse before they are deliver...  Read more »

      • From Cow to Conveyor... to Consumer

        Got milk? According to the USDA's Economic Research Service, the average American drinks about 155 pounds of fluid milk in a year. Dairy farmers in the U.S. produce over 212 billion pounds of milk a year. And every American consumes about 37 pounds of cheese a year and 31.5 pounds of ice cream. That's a lot of dairy! Dairy foods are delic...  Read more »

      • Case Study — Shingle Line Production

        Performance and dependability are critical during shingle production. Belts need to be built to take constant punishment and hold up to the rigorous demands placed on them every day. Apache's Volta general conveying product line offers belts designed to meet some of the most demanding requirements and challenging applications in the field ...  Read more »

      • Not All Products Are Created Equal.

        What's the price? Sometimes this question equals more than just cost to make the purchase. If the product fails too frequently, what's the cost to productivity? If a product fails in production, what's the cost of downtime? If you disappoint your customer, what's the cost of losing them? There are many options to consider when selecting a ...  Read more »

      • What are Skid Steer Accessories?

        Skid loaders have been around and in use since the late 1950s. However, they have come a long way since the original 3-wheel design with an unreliable belt drive system. Today, skid loaders are used in many applications to eliminate the heavy, manual labor of digging, trenching, and moving dirt around the jobsite and farm. According to Gre...  Read more »

      • Hydraulics 101: From Adapters to P.O.P

        Hydraulics are used around us every day, but most people are somewhat unaware of all the places they are used, or how they work. A hydraulic hose is engineered to transfer hydraulic fluid through the components of a hydraulic system, such as valves, tools, and actuators. Specific adapters are used to ensure the hoses are connected correctly ...  Read more »