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  • 5 Ways Apache Strives to Make Customer Service Personal

    The magic all starts with you, our customer. Customer Loyalty Month is every April. According to The American Customer Satisfaction Index, although customer satisfaction is up, overall the index is trying to rebound from a two-year low. At Apache, our customers and their satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. We Respect Your ...  Read more »

  • Bring on the Tough Stuff: Apache’s New Extreme Belts

    When the application's a tough one — think aggregate, mining, logging, metals — it needs a belt that's even tougher. To meet this need, Apache is introducing these new extreme-duty belt specifications with the durability to stand up to even the most challenging uses. Grade 1 800# High Tension Belt Specs These high-tension belts are ideally ...  Read more »

  • Belt Tracking — Keeping Your System Running Smoothly

    The conveyor belt is often blamed when belt tracking problems are encountered. While a belt can certainly be the root of the problem, most times tracking issues stem from the conveyor system itself. Many factors can contribute to poor belt tracking: Improper system design Incorrect belt installation Poor maintenance Wrong belt selection...  Read more »

  • Snack Food Conveyor Belts – All that and a Bag of Chips

    Americans are thought to consume 1.2 billion pounds of potato chips per year, with each person consuming an average of 110-120 pounds of potatoes. According to the Snack Food Association that translates to spending $7 billion annually on potato chips. From the beginning Americans have been in love with the potato, which is grown in all 50 ...  Read more »

  • Constantly Connected — 24/7 Access to Your Apache Customer Account

    The saying “time is money” goes back to Benjamin Franklin, and while that may have been in the 1700s, the logic applies now more than ever. When our customers need answers and updates, we want them available as soon as possible — because you don't have time to wait, and neither do your customers. Click it. Track it. Get it. Request a Login...  Read more »

  • Road-Away Milling Belts — Where the Road Meets the Rubber

    In the United States alone there are more than 2.6 million miles of roads and 93% of them are asphalt surfaced. With the constant flow of traffic, road construction is continuous – and quality belts built for tough work are critical to keep these projects on schedule. Winter is a prime time of year for maintenance on road-milling machines, ...  Read more »

  • Trash to Treasure — Profitability through Efficient Recycling

    According to EPA estimates, 75% of the waste generated in the US is recyclable, however only about 30% of it is being recycled – the rest ending up in landfills. With cities looking to increase recycling programs and reduce landfills and other waste, many projections show municipal recycling programs doubling or even tripling by 2020, meani...  Read more »

  • A Healthy Serving of Fruit & Vegetable Belting

    The average American consumes 183 pounds of fresh vegetables and 128 pounds of fresh fruit each year. A good portion of what we consume annually is harvested right here in the States. According to the latest numbers, we produce close to 190 billion pounds of fruits and vegetables each year. Strawberries are a great example of the kind of p...  Read more »