Durowall™ Sidewall Belting Products


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      Innovative solutions for today’s material handling applications.

      Our Durowall™ Sidewall Belting has a proven track record spanning more than 30 years, and Apache has provided thousands of corrugated sidewall belts to the food, recycling, agricultural, metals, steel, cement, energy, and construction industries. We are continually devoting resources to product improvements, conducting rigorous quality testing, and benchmarking the competition to make sure our product offering is first rate. Both our lightweight and heavy-duty Durowall™ sidewall offer the same reliability, dependability, and value you expect from us.

      We work with customers to find the right solution for their application. What’s more, our exclusive sizing program can engineer belting for any conveying system.


      Our lightweight Durowall is your problem solver for light-duty steep-angle conveying, and is offered in polyurethane, thermoplastic and conventional rubber compounds for belting, cleats, and sidewalls. These belts are suitable for applications requiring FDA/USDA/3A certifications, oil resistance, and anti-static properties.

      • Tortilla Chip Belt
      • Potato Chip Belt
      • Eddy Current Belt

      Corrugated Sidewalls

      Polyurethane corrugated sidewalls are available for food grade requirements. Black rubber sidewalls are used when more durability is needed or in applications that require a more robust construction. Sidewalls are attached to the base belts by hot air and high frequency (HF) welding or hot bonded for rubber components. The base belts are engineered to provide the features needed for maximum performance — transverse stiffness prevents bowing at conveyor transition/change of direction points, while also remaining flexible in the longitudinal direction to negotiate small pulleys.

      Cleat Options

      We have the cleat profiles to fit your application: T-cleat for most incline needs, scoop cleats for steeper angles, and thin line cleats for smaller pulley diameters and lower tonnages.

      Our heavy-duty Durowall belts are made with quality components to excel in the demanding conditions you face every day.  Mills, smelters and foundries have been proving grounds for our belting products. Thousands of belts in use today are proof that they work hard and work tough.

      • Durowall belt
      • Durowall photo application shot
      • Durowall belt moving wing nuts

      Cross-Rigid Belting

      Made exclusively in the U.S. for Apache by Fenner-Dunlop, Durowall cross-rigid belting has exceptional lateral stiffness while retaining the longitudinal flexibility required by conveying applications. The belting is also designed to eliminate bowing at the upturn and reduce sag on the return. Customers can choose oil-resistant, heat resistant, and black standard rubber covers.

      Corrugated Sidewalls

      We bond our sidewalls to belts with state-of-the-art hydraulic presses to provide optimal adhesion and performance. Durowall sidewalls are made of high-tensile natural rubber, which provides excellent flexibility, elongation, and abrasion resistance. They’re available in high temperature, oil-resistant, black standard, MSHA, PVC, and polyurethane compounds.

      Cleat Options

      To meet the needs of various applications, the cleats are offered in a variety of cleating styles: T-Cleat, C-Cleat (Scoop) and S-Cleat. Our cleats are bonded to the belt using hydraulic presses to ensure that uniform pressure is applied during the bonding process.