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      Cut logs stacked

      Apache has a wide variety of solutions for many applications in the wood products industry. From pulp to paper, and boxboard to printing — we have the solutions you need.


      We have inventory items including 2-ply and 3-ply belting for chip handling, bareback belts for logs and chipper in feeds, tray belts, slowdown belts, forming belts, transfer belts, scale belts, machine tapes, screen belts, trash conveyor belts, box folding belts, and many more.

      Apache offers hoses for use in wood production operations. Choose from our extensive line, including: chemical transfer hose, paper mill washdown, steam hose, metal hose, and general service air and water hose.

      Apache can provide a variety of products used in the Pulp/Paper and Wood industry. Materials are available in sheets/rolls or custom fabricated to your print specifications. Typical applications include:

      • Chutes: Directs product
      • Covered Rollers: Pull, feed, & compact materials
      • Flaps: Covers for inlets/outlets or as a material stop
      • Gaskets: Barrier between two faces/connections
      • Hopper Skirting: Directs product into hopper
      • Seals: Shaft seals
      • Skirtboard Rubber: Conveyor skirting to direct material
      • Cut and molded rubber samples