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      soda pop cans

      Performance and dependability are key in the recycling industry. Apache provides quality products/solutions designed to help keep plants running and on budget.


      Apache supplies belts for every type of application in today’s recycling market. From eddy current belts to heavy metal crushing, and sorting lines to incline applications, we have the products you need.

      We provide belts for the recycling of:
      • Plastics
      • Scrap Metal
      • Glass and Cullet
      • Scrap Tires
      • Construction and Demolition Waste (Concrete, asphalt, rebar)
      • MRF (Magnetic) Sorting Stations
      • Paper, Pulp, ONP (Old newspaper), OCC (Old corrugated containers)
      • Municipal Solid Waste

      Recycling Belt with Sidewall/Cans

      Rubber and PVC cross cleats are ideal for lifting and moving metal, plastics, and paper products.


      Moderate oil resistance compounds make our Durocleat belts resistant to moderately oil contaminants making it an excellent choice for moving debris in the waste and recycling industries. The 1/4" high molded top cover profile is excellent for moving material on incline applications.

      Metal Clad Belting

      Specialty fabricated belts with polyurethane and metal plated covers for eddy current and magnetic separator systems.

      Heavy-Duty Bare / Slider Back Belt

      Top quality, heavy-duty bare back, or "slider back" belting with moderate oil resistance. Can be vulcanized with cleat profiles to increase incline conveying angles.

      Washdown hose and nozzles, pressure washer hose and accessories, as well as general purpose air/water hose are available for general maintenance and cleanup in recycling facilities.

      Washdown Hose

      This hose is ideal for open end water transfer and washdown applications.

      Rubber, UHMW, and Urethane parts are commonly used in the Recycling industry for abrasion and impact resistance where materials range from paper, plastic, metal, garbage, and compost handling. Typical applications include:

      • Blades/Scrapers: Cleans off conveyor belt, used when turning compost
      • Chutes: Directs product
      • Covers: Flexible opening cover
      • Flaps: Covers for inlets/outlets or as a material stop
      • Hopper Skirting: Directs product into hopper
      • Linings: Lines hoppers for abrasion resistance or to improve coefficient of friction
      • Recycling stars: Shaft driven wheels separate refuse
      • Shields: Directs Material or used to keep material out
      • Skirtboard Rubber: Conveyor skirting to direct material