Power Generation


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      Apache's experts have many years of experience supplying high performance belting, hose, and sealing products to utilities. We understand the importance of providing dependable products to keep plants operating.


      It takes the right belting solution to hold up in Power Plants, and unplanned downtime is not an option. Apache offers a variety of belting to convey coal, wood products, tires, refuse, and other fuels, as well as belts that are oil resistant and meet MSHA standards.

      Durocoal™ Coal Feeder Belt

      Durocoal feeder belts are integrally manufactured for durable and dependable single-piece construction. Vanner edges, bottom v-guides, and belt covers are made at the same time, creating superior performing product.  More on Durocoal Feeder Belts»

      Custom Chevron Cleated Belt

      Custom cleated chevron belts have v-shaped cleats, which are designed to convey material on inclines on troughed conveyor systems.


      Our corrugated sidewall belts are fabricated for steep angle conveyors, up to and including 90° vertical applications.

      Apache offers a complete line of general purpose air and water hoses, high abrasion-resistant material handling hoses, fire hose, metal hose, and stainless steel hose assemblies.

      Severe Service

      Recommended for a variety of abrasive applications to transfer sand, gravel, cement, fly ash, metals, plastic pellets, fertilizers, rock salts and slurries.

      Double Jacket Fire Hose

      A flexible, strong hose for use in industrial fire protection applications that is manufactured to exact industrial requirements.

      For specific applications, a customized solution is what it takes, and we have the right materials for the Power Generation industry. Materials are available in sheets/rolls or custom fabricated to your print specifications.

      Typical applications include:

      • Chutes: Directs product
      • Flaps: Covers for inlets/outlets or as a material stop
      • Gaskets: Barrier between two faces/connections
      • Seals: Shaft seals
      • Skirtboard Rubber: Conveyor skirting to direct material
      • Transformer Gaskets: Electric power transformer seals
      • Cut and Molded Rubber Samples