Oil & Gas Exploration


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      oil drilling

      Oil and gas exploration demands products that stand up to harsh conditions. That’s why we provide only quality belts, hoses, and cut and molded products designed that work hard and last.


      The are a many different application in the energy sector, so one solution doesn't fit - Apache offers a wide variety of high-performance belting options to get the job done right.

      Steep Climber™

      Our Steep Climber™ hot vulcanized rubber cleats are specifically designed for larger material moved on steeper incline angle troughing systems. This versatile and durable cleat pattern stops the slapping and spillage of sand that occurs when using "T" or "I" style cleats. Custom cleated belting, such as our Steep Climber belts, are used for high volume applications. Our Durowall™ corrugated sidewall belts provide efficiency, speed, and dependability. Flat belting is used to convey frac sand at quarries or job sites.
      • Durowall Corrugated Sidewall Belting Durowall™ Corrugated Sidewall Belting
      • Steep Climber™ Cleat Pattern Steep Climber™ Cleat Pattern
      • Steep Climber™ Cleat Pattern Steep Climber™ Cleat Pattern
      • Frac Sand Mining Conveyors in a Quarry Frac Sand Mining
      • Our Steep Climber™ belt running at 918 fpm, delivering 32,000 lbs of sand per minute

      We have numerous options available for the energy sector to fit the application, including chemical hose, petroleum hoses, specialty material handling hose, compressed air hose, and hydraulic hose.

      Apache can also customize hose assemblies with the correct fittings and accessories such as crimp style ferrules, frac fittings, and hammer unions. Our chemical hose offering includes UHMW hoses, and modified XLPE chemical hose and assemblies. We also have oil field fracturing hose, crude oil transfer hose, and a variety of suction and discharge hose options available.

      Chem — Modified XLPE Hose

      This hose contains a wire helix for full suction capability, as well as for routing hoses through tight bends. Its modified cross-linked polyethylene tube stock is best in class for maintaining a tight seal with stainless steel crimped fittings.

      Petro — Corrugated Tank Truck

      Designed to handle applications for suction and discharge of gasoline, distilled kerosene, diesel, and other fuels. Features a flat corrugated neoprene cover ideal for applications where flexibility and weight are issues.

      Suction/Discharge Hose

      Our heavy-duty suction and discharge hoses for use with fracking slurry are made from clear, flexible PVC with synthetic yarn braiding. The hoses slide easily, for improved handling on site, and are clear to allow visual confirmation of material flow.

      Apache provides a variety of custom fabricated products used in the Oil and Gas Exploration industry. Materials are available in sheets/rolls or custom fabricated to your print specifications. Typical applications include:

      • Gaskets: Barrier between two faces/connections
      • Flaps: Covers for inlets/outlets or as a material stop
      • Packing: Rope like material for sealing shafts-valves etc.
      • Pads: Protection between two surfaces
      • Seals: Shaft seals
      • Vibration Dampening: Separates rigid components, restricts vibration
      • Cut and Molded Rubber Samples