Heavy-Duty Bulk Handling


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Rocks at a quarry

When the job is really tough — whether it be high tonnage applications or abrasive materials — we’ve got the products to handle it!


Apache has the belt inventory and technical expertise to provide durable and high performance belting to meet the high-tonnage applications. Whether it’s ore, coal, or rock our experts will recommend the appropriate covers for high impact and abrasion resistance, as well as engineered fabrics for high-tension needs.

  • Applications: Mining, Smelters, Port Facilities
  • Belt covers: Grade I, Grade 2, MSHA

Heavy-Duty Single-Ply Belting

This belt is a straight warp synthetic carcass design built to withstand abrasive applications. The single-ply construction offers exceptional life, low stretch, high load carrying capacity and superior resistance to ripping and tearing.

Whether it’s mine discharge, mine spray, rock dust hose, compressed air hose, extreme abrasion hydraulic hose, or a custom designed hose program, we’ve got the products you need to keep your operation running efficiently.

Wire Braid Air Hose

A hose designed for the most rigorous conditions in quarries, mines, and heavy construction work.

PVC Water Suction Hose (Style G)

A versatile general suction/discharge hose used for pumping water and light chemical solutions in a variety of applications.

Bulk Commodity

A tough, corrugated cover allows the hose to transfer bulk materials via suction, gravity, or pneumatic systems. Handles commodity materials such as dry cement, lime, sand, gravel, feed, seed, and slurries.

Extreme Abrasion Hydraulic Hose

Oil abrasion and weather resistant to withstand extreme environmental conditions, reinforced with high tensile steel wire for increased durability.

Rubber, UHMW, and Urethane parts are commonly used in heavy-duty bulk handling applications for abrasion and impact resistance, to help eliminate material hang-ups, and where high speed transfer of product creates abusive conditions. Materials are available in sheets/rolls or custom fabricated to your print specifications. Typical applications include:

  • Bucket Pads: Pad between bucket and belt
  • Chutes: Directs product
  • Flaps: Covers for inlets/outlets or as a material stop
  • Hole Punching: For bucket/cleat installation
  • Hopper Skirting: Directs product into hopper
  • Hopper Lining: Impact suppression to hopper body
  • Impact Pads: Protects components from abrasion and denting
  • Pads: Protection between two surfaces
  • Scale Seal: Prevents water, dirt and debris from dropping into scale pit
  • Shaker Screen Protector: Isolates shaker screen from metal to metal contact
  • Sleeves/Boots: Directs product – flexible splice between two components
  • Vibration Dampening: Separates rigid components, restricts vibration
  • Wear Blocks: Replaceable blocks that protect between two surfaces
  • Cut and Molded Rubber Samples