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      corn seed

      Quality products are paramount for the storage, transfer, and milling of grain. Apache has the field-proven products that the industry has come to expect.


      Apache offers both plied rubber belting and solid woven polyester belts with PVC covers for grain conveying and elevator service. Our higher tension belting is MSHA approved and meets static conductive, oil resistant, and fire resistant (SCORFR) requirements, as well as temperature range requirements for each application need.

      Grain Belts

      These belts are often used on elevator legs and offer resistance to mineral, animal, or vegetable fats.

      PVC Belting

      Proven and economical alternative to rubber belting for elevator service. MSHA approved for tension ratings on 200# PIW and above.

      Apache offers hoses for the transport of dry and bulk materials including a variety of material handling hose options where high abrasion resistant requirements exist.

      Bulk Commodity

      Handles commodity materials such as feed, seed, and grain. A tough, corrugated cover allows the hose to transfer bulk materials via suction, gravity, or pneumatic systems.

      Corrugated Material Handling Hose

      Ideally suited for dry material handling of grain, powders, and other dry materials. Flexible rubber compounds dissipate static with a rigid PVC helix.

      Rubber, UHMW, and Urethane parts are commonly used in the Elevator/Milling industry for abrasion and impact resistance where product may hang up. Materials are available in sheets, rolls, or custom fabricated to your print specifications. Typical applications include:

      • Bin Seals: For lids & doors to bins/hoppers
      • Bucket Pads: Pad between bucket and belt
      • Chutes: Directs product
      • Flaps: Covers for inlets/outlets or as a material stop
      • Gaskets: Barrier between two faces/connections
      • Hopper Skirting: Directs product into hopper
      • Hopper Lining: Impact suppression to hopper body
      • Hole Punching: For bucket/cleat installation
      • Scale Seal: Prevents water, dirt and debris from dropping into scale pit
      • Shaker Screen Protector: Isolates shaker screen from metal to metal contact
      • Skirtboard Rubber: Conveyor skirting to direct material
      • Sleeves/Boots: Directs product – flexible splice between two components
      • Cut and Molded Rubber Samples
      • Cut and Molded Rubber Samples