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      construction worker with hard hat, hammer, and tool belt

      Dependability is key, whether it’s a rental product for a specific job site or part of a contractor’s equipment inventory. Components have to stand up to heavy work and long run times.


      With a variety of applications in both the construction and rental industries, hoses, and hose assemblies need to be durable and dependable. Apache supplies a wide range of products including water suction and discharge hoses, compressed air hoses, and hydraulic hose of the highest manufactured quality.

      Jackhammer Hose

      General purpose hose for various rental, construction and industrial applications. EPDM cover and tube reinforced with polyester yarn.

      Rubber Suction Hose

      A lightweight, flexible hose for use in the construction industry. EPDM tube reinforced with synthetic cord and spiral helix wire to add flexibility and crush resistance. Resistant to abrasion and rough handling conditions.

      PVC Water Suction Hose

      A PVC suction and discharge hose for water, and suction service in the rental and construction industries. A smooth bore hose made of flexible abrasion resistant extruded PVC with a rigid PVC helix. See which suction discharge hose is right for your application»

      Apache offers a wide variety of sheet, milled or custom cut products for Contractor and Rental applications. Replacement parts are commonly made from rubber sheeting, conveyor belting, UHMW and urethane. Typical applications include:

      • Flaps: Covers for inlets/outlets or as a material stop
      • Impact Pads: Protects components from abrasion and denting
      • Packing: Ropelike material for sealing shafts-valves etc.
      • Pads: Protection between two surfaces
      • Rubber plow blade deflectors
      • Rubber plow blade cutting edges
      • Skirtboard Rubber: Conveyor skirting to direct material
      • Vibration Dampening: Separates rigid components, restricts vibration
      • Wear Blocks: Replaceable blocks that protect between two surfaces
      • cut and molded samples