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      Safety is critical in the chemical industry. Transfer hoses must be made from a material that can take the abuse of corrosive chemicals while allowing for the safe transfer of fluids.


      Apache has a full selection of chemical transfer hose including: Teflon®, UHMW, Modified X-link, composite, chlorine transfer, specialty stainless steel braided hoses, and special application hoses. We also offer Smart-Hose™ assemblies.

      Smart-Hose™ assemblies

      Smart-Hose™ assemblies are the only industrial hose assembly designed with an internal valving system. The patented safety system features a unique design that eliminates the potential for catastrophic consequences resulting from the uncontrolled release of product due to coupling ejection, hose stretching to an unsafe condition and/or hose separation.

      Private label chemical hoses

      The modified XLPE chemical hose allows for the transfer of 950 basic chemicals that are the building blocks for numerous chemicals used in a variety of industries.

      In addition to chemical hose, we provide a number of gaskets and seals for applications where chemical contact occurs. Typical applications include:

      • Seals: Shaft seals
      • Gaskets: Barrier between two faces/connections
      • Packing: Rope like material for sealing shafts-valves etc.
      • Cut and Molded Rubber Samples
      • Cut and Molded Rubber Samples